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Certification and Training

Obtain Your Certification or Attend a Webinar! From Foundational to Certified Practitioner

Through our upcoming Sound Mind certification program, we will certify individuals as practitioners through a solid foundational training. This much needed program will provide people the opportunity to receive their certification from our evidence-based program.
The program will include courses in biblical philosophy and theology, as well as topics on anxiety, depression, stress management and many others.
We are looking forward to assisting you with all your training needs!

Training: Work

Certification - (In Development)

Obtain a Sound Mind Practitioner Certification

With our Sound Mind Practitioner Certification program you can operate as an independent practitioner. Your training will be imperative as you assist individuals who seek help and treatment for mental health issues. From patients to practitioners, we’ll assist in getting you the right answers!

Foundational Training - (In Development)

Identity, Healing and the Supernatural.

Our approach to training is providing a biblical foundation on Christ.

Topics will range from:

- Understanding your identity in Christ

- How to walk in healing the sick

- Living from a supernatural mindset

- Praying supernaturally

Whether we’re establishing a foundation with a beginner in the faith or a veteran of scripture; we’ll work together to assist you in creating this a lifestyle.


Online Mentoring (Coming Soon)

Our online mentorship is a 1x1 personal zoom session. If you're being challenged in an area regarding the teaching, walking out the lifestyle or just need to be heard you can submit a request to speak with us.

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