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Body Integrated Thearapy

The team that has developed The Power Of A Sound Mind curriculum are some of the most gifted, intellectual and downright quirky individuals out there. Our work continually receives attention from all the right places, and it’s all thanks to them.

Team: Team

Amelia Mathee

Co-Founder - The Power Of A Sound Mind

Amelia is a Cognitive Behavior Practitioner and has worked with people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different races, different ethics, but they all have one thing in common—the Light and Love of the Creator shines through them all.
She is currently developing the certification program which is based on evidence and years of experience from these personal treatments.

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Steven Woodward

Co-Founder - The Power Of A Sound Mind

Steven was trained at The School of Identity and Lifestyle in 2018. He is an ordained minister and founder of Steven Woodward Ministries, known as the "Sickness Assassin" on YouTube. Steven has developed teachings on a Christ like Identity, Healing and the Supernatural that will be available soon! He will also be involved with the online sessions in the mentorship program.


About Us

When you take a close look at nature, you will notice animals have the natural ability to recalibrate their nervous system. When an antelope is chased by a predator, and the chase is unsuccessful- what is the first thing the antelope will do?It will look around, see that it is out of danger and will shake- to release the adrenaline their bodies release. 

Humans have lost that ability. From childhood, we are told to suck it up, keep our emotions intact and control outbursts.  Ever wondered where that built up adrenaline goes?   It’s stored inside of you, and it’s detrimental to your health. 

So what do I do with clients?

Body Integrative Therapy

This technique  is beneficial at any age and for any condition – to improve health, to heal physical or psychological problems, and to better the quality of life on every level. It is extremely effective for the treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those in need of rehabilitation.

On the physical level, this therapy can treat and heal acute and chronic problems, including:

  • back and skeletal problems

  • flexibility and movement difficulties

  • headaches

  • joint pain

  • foot pain

  • edema

  • high blood pressure

  • respiratory problems

  • sleep disorders

  • alleviate symptoms associated with cancers

  • diabetes

  • fibromyalgia

  • phobias and fears

  • ADD/ADHD and all forms of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, and attention disorders

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • arthritis

  • chronic fatigue

  • Therapy helps in balancing all the layers of the body/mind, especially the hormonal system. Therefore, it is recommended for alleviating problems of:

  • adolescense- self destructive behaviour

  • PMS-mood stabilising

  • pregnancy

  • post-partum

  • menopause

The biggest success I’ve had in this therapy is in balancing the nervous system in treating 

  • tension

  •  stress

  • anxiety

  • chronic and acute depression

I’ve found this technique to be very effective, especially where children can not verbalise what the problem is. It

creates balance between the hemispheres of the brain, children with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder find that they are able to concentrate better and function more effectively after even a few sessions.

It will stimulate the flow of the immune system, and help drain poisons that accumulate within our cells, including medications, chemotherapy drugs, addictive drugs and any other biochemical addiction. During therapy, important neurotransmitters are released into the body. The body has its own medicines available. Serotonin, for example, which is responsible for balancing the digestive system and ensuring quality sleep, is released during the movement and even trauma-induced insomnia, can be reversed without drugs. 

It is gentle and safe, and non-invasive, and encourages the body to relax, and release emotional and physical trauma. Rocking and stretching motions are applied to the body in a gentle manner during the session. The body is made of approximately 80% water, and the rocking sends ripples flowing through the body, enlivening the systems of the body.

The power and benefits  are in the gentle nature of the practice, like ocean waves melting away rocks. Force is met by counterforce, and gentleness can permeate the deepest into the body. 

Light as a feather     


I’ve witnessed cancers disappear, blood pressure return to normal,  pinched nervous healed, auto-immune diseases healed…. too many to note.  

Love and Light

Team: About Us
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